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Novo Navigatio

Novo Navigatio

(Duplicated CD)
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Novo Navigatio (New Journey) is the Abstractions' third release of innovative and cutting soundscapes. A walk through minimalist instrumentals to pointed, political poetry. Noise to a collective chaos of 'vision music' that consists of a colorful orchestration of vocals, saxophones, guitars, percussion, strings, electronics and emotion. The Abstractions are all about serious musicianship and not. It is an open-hearted invitation and provocation. The Abstractions: Rent Romus - alto, soprano, c-melody saxophones, flute, voice/vocals/zitherod, accordian Ernesto Diaz-Infante - vocals, acoustic steelstring guitar, 4-track cassette portastudio, field recordings Bob Marsh - cello, voice Philip Everett - drums, percussion, autoharp, lyrics Lance Grabmiller - laptop Dina Emerson - vocals Sandor Finta - vocals Marina Lazzara - vocals, electric guitar Alwyn Quebido - electric guitar C.J. Reaven Borosque - noise pedals, prepared guitar Matt Davignon - turntable, drums machine, cans Marjorie Sturm - flute, lyrics Ray Schaeffer - electric bass Lyrics... Media & Money our deMOCKracy// So absurd sad surreal/ Schwarzenegger is our governor/ where the f*** should we run for?/ Schwarzenegger is our governor/ mega-media-marketing stars get the pay-off once more/ Droned and drugged by TV celebrities/ Californians are pathetic in their warped reality/ great to see the Terminator terminated/ my very real bloodbath fantasy/ media and money, this is our democracy/ why argue? why expect integrity?/ He's got charisma, and so did Hitler/ The people have spoken.--M.Sturm Christian Bush// Bush is a Christian/ didn't ya know?/ He's got that good Christian glow/ With White Christian American/ in the palm of his hand/ at his command/ causing limitless bloodshed/ in other lands/ Bush is a Christian/ didn't ya know?/ His prayers are answered/ with no corporate foes/ Enron and Exxon and he/ share the same priest/ Jesus' simplicity/ isn't part of the current beat/ But they're Christian/ We're all Christian/ We agree on that/ We're Christian/ As long as they're Christian/ I see where this is going... / Keep the church nearby/ White America abides/ proper moral killing resides/ Cause the Devil is NEVER inside/ Cause the Devil is NEVER inside/ It's over there/ It's over there/ It's over there.--M.Sturm Take Yourself Seriously// I take myself seriously/ So others take me seriously/ Seriously/ Take yourself seriously/ This is serious/ Art is serious/ Life is serious/ Success is serious/ Money is serious/ Craft is serious/ Style is serious/ It's serious/ Very serious/ I'm getting to where I'm going/ I'm getting to where I'm going/ I'm almost there--M.Sturm The Routinization of Modern Life// Monday and Wednesday I teach/ Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday I go to the gym/ This is my life, my life/ Tuesday and Thursday and Friday I have band practice/ Sunday and Monday and Thursday football/ This is my life, my life--M.Sturm Who killed Desiree Brown//Shifting softly into silence/ slipsliding gracefully into the night/ Exploited by shades of darkness/ she fell-down-down-down/ Who killed Desiree Brown?/ Who put Desiree/ Deep down in the ground/ Who broker her heart?/ Who hurt her mind?/ Who left her all alone to die?/ Who killed Desiree Brown?/ Desiree came undone/ Living fast, dying young/ A life so filled with ecstasy/ That's why it's such a mystery/ Who killed Desiree Brown?/Stabbed her with a knife/choked the breath of life/Sent her to an evil place/666 carved on her face/ Who killed Desiree Brown?/ Don't come knockin at her door/ No one lives there anymore/ Rumor says She's hell bound and won't be saved/ Who killed Desiree Brown?--Philip Everett Credits Recorded/mixed/mastered by Ray Schaeffer at Nazmir Kelpcut Research Ranch, Richmond California 2003.


Konstnären: The Abstractions
Titel: Novo Navigatio
Genre: Rock
Attribut: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 2005-05-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 809819402728


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