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Abraham & Sarah /  Various

Abraham & Sarah / Various

(Duplicated CD, Special Edition)
  • Genom Various Artists
  • Release 2009-01-15
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media-Format CD
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"Abraham & Sarah" is *Cathy Ellis's "inspired" work. First written in 1980, the stage show has been performed in Regional Productions, Concert Versions and Church Presentations since 1986. This 2-CD set features an All-Star cast including Dick Sterling, Cathy Ellis, Rick Krive, Kathy Linkous, Jon Secada, Doug Carpenter and Johnny Rodgers. Many of the songs have already garnered awards. "(It's A) Beautiful Day" won a Billboard Award and "Will I Ever Have that Chance Now?", "Never Give Up On Your Dream", "Brand New World!" and "You Were Meant to be Mine" were on Grammy Nomination Lists. Many of the songs have been recorded by other artists. The 2-Set CD's are from the stage productions which played to standing room only audiences and standing ovations, to people of all faiths and denominations who all agree that this show is awesome and inspiring. Based on the Biblical Story, "Abraham & Sarah" comes to life, encourages you, and is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and give you hope to "Never Give Up on Your Dream"! This 'Special Edition' also includes two songs that were replaced by other songs along the way. They are 'Missing You', which was replaced by 'You Were Meant to be Mine' and 'Celebrate', which was replaced by 'Love and Laughter'. The listener can hear and enjoy both and have them as keepsakes. Be sure to watch some of the videos now on Youtube and Godtube from original performances by the stars of the show. For information visit 'efmmusco' at or godtube. For more information regarding 'Abraham & Sarah' the stage show and the upcoming film currently in production, please visit our website at: Website: About the Writer/Composer/Director/Co-Star: Cathy Ellis has been a believer since 1972 and has had hit songs out there since 1978 beginning with 'Child', which was the number one Contemporary Gospel Song on the National Gospel Charts that year. Cathy gives all of the Glory to the Lord for 'Abraham & Sarah'. A graduate of the University of Miami's School of Music, Cathy received both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music from the UM. She is President of EFM Productions, Inc. and has been involved in many aspects of the Music and Film Industries including as Artist, Composer, Producer, Choreographer, Writer, Director and Author. Most recently, her first hard bound book, 'My Life With Mom' was released to rave reviews. As producer, she, and her Mother, Esther, have co-produced Nancy Haywood's 'Brand New World' CD and Kyle Bielfield's 'In My Father's House' CD and Music Video and many others. Currently in production are three more albums. The film musical, 'Fernando & Me', premiered in 2007 to rave reviews! The DVD is available at (Films) and the CD is also available here at CDBaby. Cathy is currently in production with the New EFM film musical, 'Abraham & Sarah', based on this highly acclaimed stage version. About the songs: Background Accompaniment Tracks and Sheet Music for all of these songs are on our website, Some of these songs were Nominated for Billboard Awards and for Grammys. Even though this is nice, the most important thing is that hearts and lives are touched for and by the Lord through this musical. Be blessed! ACT ONE: CD1 Track 1: 'It's A Beautiful Day!' (Rick Krive: Lot) Lot opens the show with this award-winning number, as he sees the land of Egypt for the first time! Track 2: 'Why Do We Have to Leave Our Homeland?' Sarah (Cathy Ellis) is very upset that her husband, Abraham (Dick Sterling), has decided that they have to leave their homeland and go some place else to live. Track 3: 'HE'S AT IT AGAIN!' One of the things that Sarah just doesn't understand is why her husband has to build 'rock piles'. They are, of course, altars, but, she calls them rock piles and here with Lot (Rick Krive), she is besides herself about it. Track 4: 'MORE THAN JUST A MAN' Abraham enters the show with this gorgeous number where he tries to describe God to Sarah and Lot. Track 5: 'SHE'S MY SISTER' Abraham has just informed Sarah that there is a rather nasty Pharaoh in the Land of Egypt that they are entering for the first time, and that he likes pretty women and that Abe needs for her to tell him that she's his sister. Even though they were actually half-brother and sister, Sarah is NOT happy about this at all. Track 6: 'YEEYUK' One very plagued Pharaoh (Doug Carpenter) is VERY upset with his situation until he finds out that the 'new woman', Sarah, is the reason for the plagues. Track 7: 'EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN' Abe has to win Sarah back over again after her ordeal in the Pharaoh's palace. Lot (Rick Krive) sings this number to try to cheer them up. Track 8: 'WHEN I'M WITH YOU' Abe is successful at winning Sarah's heart back and she sings this love song to him. Track 9: 'ABRAHAM'S ARMY' It is twelve years later, and Abraham (Dick Sterling) now has to go and save Lot and his family as they have been taken captive. Dick is hilarious in this song! Track 10: 'NOTHIN' LIKE A WOMAN' Having been rescued from THAT enemy, Lot (Rick Krive) has another 'enemy' at home with a very disobedient wife, as he laments to Abe and the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. Track 11: 'SARAH'S LAMENT' On the way back from saving Lot, Abraham (Dick Sterling)has been given a Vision from the Lord that he will be the father of a great nation or two and he has to share it with Sarah (Cathy Ellis) who does not take to the idea at all since she's now too old to have a child. Track 12: 'TOUGH TO BE A SERVANT' Sarah's remedy to Abe's Vision is to give him her handservant, Hagar (Toodles Malloy), so that she can have the child Abe wants so much. Hagar gets pregnant so quickly and begins to mock Sarah, and Sarah, with Abe's permission, chases Hagar all around the stage. Track 13: 'ISHMAEL'S LULLABY' The baby is born to Abe's delight. Track 14: 'MISSING YOU' Abraham (Dick Sterling), once again, has to woo his Sarah (Cathy Ellis) back and into her good graces. This was the original love song in the Stage Show. Track 15: '(YOU WERE) MEANT TO BE MINE' This song replaced 'Missing You' in the stage show. It is a great love song and great wedding song! Here, Abraham (Rick Krive)sings it to his Sarah (Kathy Linkous) in a later version of the stage show. Track 16: 'FIFTY' Abraham (Dick Sterling) faces the three Heavenly Angels (Rick Krive) and 'bargains' with them for the life of his nephew Lot. Track 17: 'MORE THAN JUST A MAN (REPRISE)' Abraham's efforts pay off and Lot (Rick Krive) is saved. He writes a letter to his Uncle Abe from inside a cave. Track 18: '(YOU WERE) MEANT TO BE MINE (REPRISE)' As Act One ends, Sarah has been 'seen' by the dreadful Kind Abimelech and once again, Abe says that Sarah is his sister. As Sarah is dragged off stage and into the King's Palace, Abraham (Rick Krive) reminds her that she is his and that some how God will get her out of there! ACT TWO: CD2 Track 19: 'ONE TRUE FRIEND' As Act Two opens, Abraham (Rick Krive) has built the biggest rock pile you've ever seen and is imploring the Lord to get his Sarah out of that palace. He reminds the Lord that He is his One True Friend. Track 20: 'THE WIVES OF THE KING' Back in the Palace, Three of the Kings Wives open Sarah's eyes to the fact that she has had a very loving husband all to herself for so many years and that they have had to share the King. Sarah also realizes how hard hearted she has been towards believing with her husband for his God-given Dream of having a son. Track 21: 'WILL I EVER HAVE THAT CHANCE, NOW?' Sarah (Cathy Ellis), sings what is in her heart and how she wishes she could see Abraham one more time to tell him that she believes with him now. Track 22: 'THE PROMISE' Lo and behold! The King has a dream that reveals that Sarah is the reason there are no babies being born at the palace and so, the King let's her go without ever laying a hand on her. As Sarah (Cathy Ellis)finds Abe (Dick Sterling) still by the rock pile, she shares with him her new awakening and belief that they will have the child of Promise after all, they sing this joyful song together. Track 23: 'CELEBRATE' This was the original dance number for the party that Abraham & Sarah give to honor the birth of their son of Promise, Isaac. It was replaced later in the show with the next song, 'Love and Laughter'. Track 24: 'LOVE AND LAUGHTER' This song replaced 'Celebrate' as the song of joy at the birth of baby Isaac. Abraham (Rick Krive) sings and dances with his neighbors and servants. Track 25: 'ISHMAEL'S DEPARTURE' Probably the saddest moment in Abraham's Life, as he (Dick Sterling) sings of his having to send his first born son away. But, God gives him a promise that Ishmael will, too, be blessed with Princes of Wealth! Track 26: 'BRAND NEW WORLD!' The Lord sends an Angel with water and a song of encouragement to Ishmael and Hagar in the desert letting them know that all will be well. Jon Secada, The Angel, stopped the show with this rendition of this song! Track 27: 'INTRO TO THE SACRIFICE' Fifteen Years have passed, and Abraham is instructed by God to sacrifice his Promised son to show his love for the Lord. The Lord sends an Angel to stop Abraham just as he is about to come down on Isaac with the knife. Young Isaac (Johnny Rodgers) runs home to his mother, Sarah (Cathy Ellis) to tell her all that happened. Sarah is horrified. Track 28 'THE SACRIFICE' Sarah (Cathy Ellis) tells Isaac to go get changed and then proceeds to storm around the stage singing this song out at Abraham, wherever he might be hiding. Track 29:'THE GIRL WHO'S MEANT FOR ME' Another twenty or so years pass and Sarah is not feeling well. Isaac (Rick Krive), now in his middle thirties, comes in to visit with her. She expressed her concern that at thirty-seven years old, he's still not married and he let's her know that he'll know exactly who the girl is when he sees her as he sings this beautiful song. Track 30: 'GONE FOR NOW' Sarah (Cathy Ellis), suddenly collapses and Isaac runs for Abraham. Sarah sings this song in Abe's arms and passes on into Heaven. Track 31: 'THE ONE WHO IS RIGHT' Before Sarah dies, she extracts a promise from Abraham that he find a wife for Isaac. So, to keep that promise, Abraham (Dick Sterling) tells his servant Eliezer what to look for in a wife. Since Abe is grieving over Sarah, he's a bit confused. Track 32: 'THE ONE WHO IS RIGHT (REPRISE)' The stage revolves around as Eliezer (Doug Carpenter) continues the song begging the Lord to help him find the One Who Is Right for Isaac. Track 33: 'THE BOY WHO'S MEANT FOR ME (REPRISE)' And, Voila, there is Rebecca. That fast. Rebecca (Kathy Linkous) shares her feelings about the boy who is meant for her and Eli is besides himself with joy. Track 34: 'NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM!' Meanwhile, Abraham (Dick Sterling) finds his son, Isaac (Rick Krive) seated in front of his mother's gravesite grieving and shares his God-given Dream and Vision with his son. It is a message to us all to Never Give Up on Our Dreams when we know that God is behind them! Track 35: 'THE GIRL WHO'S MEANT FOR ME (REPRISE)' As the last song finishes, Rebecca walks on the stage with Eliezer. Isaac (Rick Krive) sees Rebecca (Kathy Linkous) and they are immediately in love and sing this gorgeous reprise as they walk off together hand in hand. Track 36: 'THE FINALE (IT'S A) BEAUTIFUL DAY!' The lights come up and we see Abraham (Dick Sterling) all dressed in a Gold Robe. He is in Heaven and Sarah (Cathy Ellis) is suddenly there to greet him. The two watch their grandson Jacob from Heaven singing while he builds a rock pile (Altar) just like his Grandfather. Then Abe and Sarah walk on into Heaven together, knowing that their Dream and Vision from God has come true! Keyboards: Rick Krive & Cathy Ellis Saxophones & Flutes: Ed Calle Synthesizers: Rick Krive Banjo: Banjo Shoppe Harmonica: Rick Krive Sound Effects: Rick Krive & Cathy Ellis Background vocals: Rick Krive, Cathy Ellis, Dick Sterling & Helen-Marie Gordich Original Mixing and engineering: Doug Burris Digital remastering: Mike Harvey & Cathy Ellis Producers: Esther Ellis, Cathy Ellis Executive Producers: JC,Esther Ellis and Cathy Ellis Recorded at: High-Tide, Star Tracks and EFM Studios.


Konstnären: Various Artists
Titel: Abraham & Sarah / Various
Genre: Gospel
Attribut: Duplicated CD, Special Edition
Releasedatum: 2009-01-15
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 692537888123
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