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Heart's Journeys

Heart's Journeys

  • Genom Abigail Lumsden
  • Release 2007-01-02
  • Musikgenre Classical Artists
  • Media-Format CD
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A warm welcome to Abigail Lumsden's first, beautiful CD from her ' HEART'S JOURNEYS ' collection ~ You've reached the right place if you're looking for a soulful music program that invites you to travel deep into your own heart! Please read on! 'As I left the concert hall at Symphony Space, having attended Abigail Lumsden's New York City Concert Debut of ' Heart's Journeys ', I felt very privileged. Sometimes, certain live performances stay in your memory for a very long time because of how special they were and I know that this evening in the concert hall was one of those nights. Not only is Ms. Lumsden a gifted pianist and an inspired artist, she is also a charmingly available performer. Barefoot, with her heart on her sleeve, she never broke her concentration for a second. Seamless in her delivery of a vastly varied program, she began a journey for all who were lucky enough to be in the audience that evening. A journey which rose to great heights of brilliant joyous warmth and also penetrated deeply into the soul of her performance and into the hearts of her listeners. She is at once a seriously accomplished, skilled craftswoman at the piano with flawless technique and amazing powers of concentration and also an extremely funny, witty, and engaging performer. I especially loved how she flowed through her selections of classical repertoire interspersed among her own wonderfully beautiful compositions. Her voice was gorgeous, lilting and also beautifully expressive. Her diction was impeccable and it was refreshing to be able to easily understand every word she sang. Ms. Lumsden's original compositions were inspired and well crafted. Her timing and inspired placement of materials as the concert unfolded, invited the audience to follow her down a path of sheer joy and entertainment. It was pleasingly evident that she was in full command of her material and her performance was magical. And if that wasn't enough, she then surprised the audience by taking out her violin and playing a duet with her own voice. I was so happy to have experienced the gift of this evening. She was at once entertaining and inspiring. Thank you, Ms. Abigail Lumsden for a wonderful and memorable experience. Ms. Katie Agresta, Director of Katie Agresta Vocal Studios Teacher of a host of well-known artists, including Joe Jackson, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Annie Lenox and Cyndi Lauper.


Konstnären: Abigail Lumsden
Titel: Heart's Journeys
Genre: Classical Artists
Releasedatum: 2007-01-02
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101258234
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