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Politicians All Sing

Politicians All Sing

  • Genom 2nd Story Band
  • Release 2006-09-05
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Media-Format CD
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Meagan Lane and Geoff de Mers grew up in the 50's and 60's during one of the most musically rich periods in the evolution of American Pop Music. It was a time when Rock-a-Billy, Doo Whop, R&B, Tejano, Calypso, Cowboy Music (C&W), Swing, Rock and Roll, Folk and Folk Rock could be heard on commercial radio. Starting as an acoustic duo in 1978 they matured as performers, arrangers and songwriters. The recording studio afforded tools to explore musical textures. In Washington, DC, Meagan and Geoff sought out and worked with musicians from different countries and cultures. Through these associations and learning experiences their music evolved to incorporate World Beat Rhythms of West Africa, Latin America and the Celtic Isles, etc. As a result Meagan and Geoff have developed one of the most interesting and fresh sounds to come out of the Metro DC area. The "Politician's All Sing" CD represents snapshots in time from 1985 to 1995, the evolution of the Duo into the 2nd Story Band. The journey begins as interpretations and arrangements of songs and ends with mature, finely crafted songwriting on their album of Power Folk, Blues, Tribal, Alternative and World Beat originals. The Doctor's Bag The Washington Post Weekend/Friday A First-Rate Second-Story Woman Doctor Nightlife has one last pick to recommend: 2nd Story Band, which recalls an old favorite bookstore, is indeed a quirky/literary band, but it's anything but quiet. Fronters Meagan Lane and Geoff de Mers are veterans of metal, Trinidadian and West African-style bands as well as progressive folk and blues rock; and Lane's voice is a constant surprise -- sweet, arch, rough, wanton and worldly in turn. The music shifts beats almost as fast thanks to third partner Wes Crawford, the rock steady drummer. The melodies are fresh and the lyrics both catchy and, yes, educated: The first section of "Sleeping Drunkard" is credited to Kurt Vonnegut, though a hook lifted from poet Mark Strand is just in there for those-in-the-know. Eve Ziebart And Laura Outerbridge of The Washington Times said: "2nd Story Band swerves from light metal guitar riffs of "the Politicians All Sing" to a bouncy African High Life groove on 'The Prince of Chapel Street' and 'Derby Hat' ... A kind of bluesy-calypso mood takes over on 'You're So Cool', 'The Boy' and especially Larry Williams' 'Junior Behave Yourself'. I found myself returning to the High Life cuts, though, since the sound is so unexpected on a Pop-rock album. Mr. De Mers handles the bright, nuancy guitar style well, while drummer, Wes Crawford and Miss Lane on bass contribute a spare, propulsive rhythm. Miss Lane's expressive vocals certainly get her point across. And Q Rod of Scene Magazine said: "Meagan's sultry voice is only enhanced by the curious and provoking lyrics she emits. Catchy. The band which could be a solid opener for the likes of Gloria Estafan, backs her with a wide variety of haunting harmonies and with a soothing style.


Konstnären: 2nd Story Band
Titel: Politicians All Sing
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2006-09-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 783707391908
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