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Cosmic Boogie Man

Cosmic Boogie Man

(Duplicated CD)
  • Genom 2Loose
  • Release 2009-05-06
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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2Loose is not just re-inventing the 80s in his third CD. This is new synth rock for a new century. Imagine Lady Gaga writing songs for the B52s. Or Nine Inch Nails programming loops for the Cramps. Confused? Strut your post punk stuff through "Cosmic Boogie Man" and you'll be reaching for that black nail Polish all over again and singing along with "The Mines of Mars." With a curious blend of Bowie-style space glam themes and New Order loops 2Loose has not only carved out his own niche, he's lined it with barbed wire. If his solo work has found a new audience here, it is made up of aliens and Funk Punks. Robots and fire bugs dot the landscape. And, um, if you can believe his confessions in "Paranoid," he sleeps with a bear. When it comes to his CD repertoire: three time's a charm. So you said his synthesizers would run out of steam after "Hollywood Whore?" You may gladly bite your tongue. Does disco put you in that certain mood? It will after "Making Love To Disco." Ever smoke crack at the circus? You did? Well, then, you'll love "Jitterbug Ballet." Even when he slows things down, 2Loose weaves fractured tales of lonely airports and children dancing. When "A priest with eagle claws," blesses the Cyberpunks, I say, "Yes. 2Loose, funkaholic, your soul is in your alien bones." --- Einar Slime, President of 2Loose Fan Clubs 2009 Bio:2Loose is a solo singer/songwriter of dance punk and electric boogie woogie. Born George Einar Nelson in Wisconsin 1954 he grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home that eventually found him as a missionary kid in southern Brazil where he graduated from Vianopolis High School for MKs. While in school, Nelson learned to play guitar, a skill that gained him popularity with his fellow students and which complimented his already developing piano skills. But it wasn't until he returned to Eau Claire in the early 70s that he began a decade of playing keyboards in the club circuits in 3 different cover bands: Moses Lake, Wabenshaben Blues Band, Triad. His musical influences then were the classic and southern rock sounds of Deep Purple, James Gang, Uriah Heep, Iron Butterfly. But following these "trendy" performances, Nelson took an "honest job" in computers to pay the bills and began privately working on a body of original material that eventually found it's influences by the then more underground sets of Iggy Pop, Ramones, Generation X. The 80s technology allowed him to begin experimenting with solo work produced on 4 track cassette based recordings where he produced volumes of demos, the best of which have finally been published on his first self published CD, "Up Against The Wall" under the artist name of 2Loose. Here he attempts to create his own genre called "grungelectric punk" and combines often pornographic lyrics with synth grunge and large doses of humor. In "Hollywood Whore" (produced at least 2 years before Papa Roach's own CD of the same name) 2Loose expands his sound into a deeper synth metal sound on some and a light-hearted funk, not the least of which is his "Dr Boom Boom" which illustrates a plastic surgeon pleading "let me lypo suc your butt" and other memorable lyrical moments. Word on his main web-site at suggests his soon to be released (at the time of this bio-2009) CD, "Cosmic Boogie Man" has taken a brighter electronica sound while maintaining his lyrical edge but sounds less influenced by his early alternative works and instead is seeking inspiration from Bowie, T Rex, Suede, Ima Robot, but often with a true dance beat on the bottom. 2Loose is once again attempting to invent a new genre which combines a drum-n-bass musical edge with the lyrical influences coming from the greats of Art Rock and early Glam. One can only guess where he will turn next for influences. B-52s? Frank Zappa? Roxy Music? But count on 2Loose remaining true to his own signature take on space age humor and tongue in cheek political satire as he continues his solitary journey thru cyber space.


Konstnären: 2Loose
Titel: Cosmic Boogie Man
Genre: Electronic
Attribut: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 2009-05-06
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884502084023
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