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Three in the Hand of a Concrete Leaf

Three in the Hand of a Concrete Leaf

  • Genom 13th Floor
  • Release 2009-03-17
  • Musikgenre Alternative Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Hello all - we have a TM out on The 13th Soul. Which seems appropriate for us. Changes are in process, so stay tuned! Just a quick note: 13th FLoor NY doesn't like to share their name (they got the TM for the name before we did). So we are in the process of working out a new name for our group. Stay tuned! And thanks to all our fans for your support!! Bio-matters.... Jason's Equipment: Electronic percussion and a myriad of electronic equipment: Roland TD-8 and TD-20 drum brains, Mac Powerbook G4 running NI Battery 3. An assortment of Roland, DrumKat & Dauz pads / pedals + custom trigger DW Pedals. Excessive cables, note pad + pen and a hell of a sense of humor. Michael's Equipment: 1998 Paul Reed Smith McCarty model 10 top, 1999 Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II with Piezo Pickups, 1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio- Fender jazz bass with Geddy Lee body and Warmouth neck, Godin BG 5 string bass,Takamine acoustic electric, Yamaha 12 String Acoustic, Mesa Boogie 2:100 Rectifier power amp, Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording preamp, Mesa Boogie 50/50 power amp, Mesa Boogie Studio preamp, Mesa Boogie 1x12 cabinets, Eventide Eclipse digital effects, Eventide Modfactor Pedal, Roland EV-5 Volume pedals, Ibanez Tubescreamer, Roland VG 88 guitar system, Roland GR30 guitar synthesizer, BBE 482I Sonic Maximizer, Fostex 2016 line mixer, Nady RMX-6 line mixer, Furman Power Conditioners, Mesa Boogie Walkabout bass amp, Mesa Boogie 2x10 bass cabinet, Trace Elliot 1x15 bass cabinet, Mesa Boogie .50 caliber 1x12 combo. Peej's Equipment: One voice box, ethnic instruments of various types, clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders, piano and whatever else she can find that will create sound. Jason: I started my music endeavors at age 4 on the Ukulele. I've dabbled in guitar, piano, and violin and started in on the drums at 12. During high school I involved myself in every 'music' related class possible: jazz group, concert and pep bands, choral groups. The first real rock & roll band I became a part of was Majority Dog in the early 90s, based out of Thousand Oaks, California. Majority Dog (now defunct) frontman/singer/songwriter Brian Wurschum is now at the helm of The Voyces, hailing from NYC. After leaving Majority Dog, I made my way to Portland, Oregon in '96, and met Michael in '97. We developed a lasting friendship, did some sync up on the musical communication and assembled Paradigm Driven. Although short lived, we recorded some material and gigged, then went our separate ways in search of other musical adventures. In 2004 we began working on new song material, at which time he introduced me to Portland based vocalist Peej (aka Sunshine). She's a talented lyricist, singer/songwriter. She's also crazy. It's all good. Michael: Mr. I-don't-have-much-to-say-about-myself. In the past, Paradigm Driven and Surviving Desire's lead guitarist, now guitarist and bassist for 13th Floor. A veritable fount of brilliant, raw, yet tempered talent, progressive musical depth, insight and freaky chord progressions. We love him. He is the schiznit. Sunshine: Comes from a classical background: Classical clarinet, piano, flute, vocal (tenor/alto), recorder (bass to soprano), classical pain in the ass. I studied music as ASU and then moved to the NW in '93. I started background vocals and keys for Portland based Nefarium, sang lead with The Mourning After, Diao, and Surviving Desire. As such, it has been my honor to work with Cameron Hays, formerly of Denver based The December Question, Portland based MC Death of The Tar Plains, and percussionist Cedric Justice of the Human Genome Project. I have my own project, Sidewall, that I work on in the wings of this group. I have graciously and gratefully worked with Michael since 2001; add back to the mix Jason and we have, quite frankly, musical mayhem and magic. Hot damn.


Konstnären: 13th Floor
Titel: Three in the Hand of a Concrete Leaf
Genre: Alternative Rock
Releasedatum: 2009-03-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 892275001918
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