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1340 Junction

1340 Junction

  • Genom 1340 Band
  • Release 2005-04-19
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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'1340 Junction' is a story of a journey, life experiences, and a coming together. The different musical styles and influences of the band members come through in the variety of the tracks on this CD. Rock, country, blues, folk rock, even a little reggae influence can be found in these original compositions. '1340 Junction' covers more musical ground on one CD than most other bands cover in a career. Dave Payton moved to Craig, Colorado in 2002. He stopped by a local coffee shop in one evening that fall to check out the open mic night. There he met John Husband and Ray Cartwright who were hosting the event. Ray and John had played together for a number of years in a loosely knit (whoever shows up) group known as the 'Monday Night Mugs'. As the three got to know each other over the next several weeks, the idea of starting a band that would play a variety of music began to form. Tim Hurst had stopped into the open mic nights and let it be known he was looking for a band that needed a drummer. The 1340 Band was born. Initially the band concentrated on covers that would be suitable for playing local bars and private parties. As their repertoire developed they began incorporating original songs, which soon became their focus. Dave Payton developed his love of rock and roll and blues in Ohio where he had played guitar with a number of rock and blues bands. He moved to Colorado because of his love of the great outdoors. His heavy rock and roll and blues guitar style and throaty vocals form the basis for that part of the 1340 Band sound. Ray Cartwright is a former North Dakotan. Life in the west fits his lifelong love of country music to a tee. Ray plays guitar and bass. His country influence covers another important part of the 1340 style, but his clear vocals work for a variety of genres. John Husband started out on a farm in Indiana and bounced around numerous western states before settling in Craig. His varied musical background and influences further broaden the sounds of the 1340 Band. John plays guitar, bass, harmonica and keyboard, and sings. He has trouble deciding what to do next. Tim Hurst is a Wyoming Cowboy who moved south to Colorado to teach school. It must be the influence of his students that shows through in his fresh and powerful drumming style. Tim is in charge of drums and craziness. Every band needs at least one. These varied styles, life experiences, and backgrounds merged here in Craig, America at the cross roads of highways 13 and 40 to form the 1340 Band. Everybody has to be from somewhere. Everybody has to end up somewhere. Different parts of the country. Different points of view. Different musical backgrounds. Different lives. When we find a place we love, it really doesn't matter. Listen to the music. 1340 Junction. That's where we are.


Konstnären: 1340 Band
Titel: 1340 Junction
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2005-04-19
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101030144
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