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Fish N Gritz

Fish N Gritz

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Fish -N- Gritz consists of two of the hottest lyricists from the South.  First up is Kay'D May'D known to his mother and the government as Warb Wilcox.  Native to Mobile AL, Kay'd started his journey as a rapper in 1995.  Along the way he moved to New York and enrolled then graduated from The Institute of Audio Research, adding producer to his credit.  Not only does he construct the hottest beats, he laces them with his own southern flow.  With his business savvy and lyrical skill he then began to make beats for And1 and ESPN.  Needing a change of scenery, Kay'D moved to California to open his own studio and production company.  It was then that he released his first solo album, appropriately titled "Bamafied".   After creating an underground buzz he put his focus in producing and signed the three man rap group "Trill Science".  The group consisted of three men who came from separate walks of life.  After mutual agreements, those three men walked right back to the lives from which they came. When the partnership came to an end there was one artist who remained.  This brings us to Ronell Marzett, known to the Hip Hop world as Young Haz.  Haz hails from the great Augusta, GA by way of Oklahoma City, OK.  By the time Kay'd and Haz met, Haz had been doing his thing since 1998.  If you believe everything happens for a reason, you believe Trill Science was not meant to be.  The separation of the group left a skillful producer and a Haz'adous emcee.  Together they are One Life One Family.  Both from the south and overcoming adversity, the two put their hearts and souls into every track like a soul food dinner.  After long sessions in the studios and hour on end, the pair naturally came out with their debut album "One Life One Family presents Da Durtey" Da Durtey is all about banging' southern tracks and lyrical word play that is not normally associated with artists from the south   Young Haz and Kay'd May'd have achieved their goal of showing there are real emcee's below the Mason-Dixon Line.  Welcome to Da Durtey!


Konstnären: One Life One Family
Titel: Fish N Gritz
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2008-07-08
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 606041342828
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